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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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images on twitter showing brussel on its highest state of alert. officials now revealing they discovered a third bomb at the airport which did not go off and police confirming they are searching for the man on the right in this picture identifying him as a suspect from the brussels airport attack. >> so many people panicked. so many people cried. >> they were all scared and everyone ran. >> hundreds of terrified passengers ran for their lives after two explosions ripped through the airport and they be inside of a subway station in the heart of the city these attacks coming in the wake of an arrest of a suspect in the paris terrorist attacks. >> we stand together with our allies belgium on this dark day. >> streets of brussels are covered with hissages of hope
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and prayers for the victims. president obama is vowing support condemning the attacks from havana, cuba. >> we will do whatever we can to support our friend and ally belgium to bring to justice those that are responsible. >> and police have so far discovered explosive devices containing nails, chemical products and an isis flag. >> thank you. the attack in brussels has cities across america on high alert and philadelphia is no exception. at philadelphia international airport we find john rawlins live today continuing our team coverage. >> reporter: word here is there is stepped up security among uniformed officers, we are at
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the international side of the airport where flights arrived. some arriving on flights from paris not aware of what had occurred in brussels or grant's case only the barest of information. >> i was on the plane and i texted my brother and he said there was a terrorist attack so watch out, that is all i knew. >> that will not defer him from flying interests nationally -- keep him from flying again. >> officials say in the wake of the brussels air terminal attack, there is an increased number of officers at plh today. but not like post 9/11 where there was signs and police stopping vehicles at arrivals at
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the airport. would it be safer to move metal detectors to an airport's front door. >> we are an open and free society and we pride ourselves for being that way. we don't want to turn the united states into a prison camp state. >> rather find the terrorists. >> it's a useful program, some one says is violates privacy, and if done in the proper way it does save lives. >> he is based in delaware county and in the private sector now and was formerly deputy secretary in the department of homeland security. it includes spark surveillance systems and sniffers and going through social media to detect the threat rather than building walls around soft targets. >> thank you. for train travelers today the security response is visible
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at amtrak 30th street stays, you can see bomb sniffing dogs checking everyone and everything. boarding a train to new york city with brussels and isis very much on the minds of riders. amtrak says the police force is sharing intelligence and more officers than usually are deployed and amtrak employees are reminded what to do in the case of an active shooter. a man arrives from new york was relieved to see the increased police presence. >> i am happy that new york is so vigilant but i can't help be concerned. i really am. >> i am concerned but the police are around and that gives you a sense of safety. >> amtrak riders and workers are asked to report any suspicious activity or unattended items to police.
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any time there is an attack like the one in brussels, it always raised fear that something could happen here. wendy saltzman talked to a national security expefrt and continues our coverage live on the ben franklin parkway. >> reporter: we did speak with the expert to answer the question on everyone's mind here. that is could an attack like this happen in the united states. he says the recent bombings be evidence of the fact that isis is more powerful and dangerous than we previously thought. >> isis right now is much more capable and lethal than any terror organization that preceded it because its reach is extraordinary. >> u.s. counter terrorism expert says that both belgium and the u.s. should be on guard as isis followers and sympathizers expand their efforts.
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>> there is no terrorist activity that will not come here in one form or another. >> four days after the mastermind of the paris attacks was arrested. the bombings in brussels are believed to be revenge. >> they were pretty certain there would be a retaliatory strike or else there was plans underway for attack. it would be much more difficult to do here, but notab impossibl >> he believes this nation's heartland is a breeding ground for terrorists. >> isis has an international brand name and they have tremendous success getting people to be part of their movement. >> where are you from? >> immigrants and refugees are regularly recruited. our country has to be vigilant.
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>> over time if this activity is not fought in a very clear way. chances are you will have more of it. >> reporter: and even with the more advanced anti-security efforts here in the united states, he says it's nearly impossible to secure the soft targets like all the buses and train stations and airports. the sheer inconvenience and cost would be crippling. >> wendy thank you. our coverage of the terror attacks in belgium continues on there you can find the latest updates as they come in. we posted photos and videos from the aftermath as well as reactions from world leaders. >> and abc news has complete coverage this evening, tune in for a special edition of world news tonight starting at 6:30, immediately following "action news" at 6:00. time for a first check of the accuweather forecast.
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lets head outside to adam joseph. >> a decent day around here some sunshine and high clouds and the temperatures warming to 6 degrees above yesterday. 57 in philadelphia and chicago 59 degrees, but 60s are blooming in cincinnati and atlanta, and wichita is sitting at 75. high pressure to the south and high clouds kind of arcing around that high to the north and west. that is a warm front that will continue to move to the north as you go to the middle of the week and overnight tonight, once the sunsets, temperatures don't drop off all that much. they hold steady in the upper 40s to low 50s way mixture of stars and clouds overnight tonight. we are back into the 70s here for the next couple of days. the week ends with a few showers and sets up for a nice easter weekend. near records one of these days,
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i'll talk about it in a little bit. >> thank you. and breaking right now, a trash truck worker was hit by a vehicle and killed in delaware county today. chopper 6 hd was over the scene on latmus avenue in ridley park, they say the worker fell off the trash truck and was hit. the driver did stay at the scene and is talking to police, we are working to find out the victims name right now and police remain on the scene investigating. >> it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets send things over to matt pellman with a first update. >> traffic troubles for the tuesday trip home. and it's a problem throughout the mid-day here in camden county on the northbound side of 42 a dump truck flipped over and spilled sand all over the roadway, luckily that is cleared out of the way and caused huge delays on 42 and the local lanes
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and westbound a.c. expressway. those are beginning to thin now but you are still looking at speeds in the 20s on 42 northbound. in burlington county, police activity blocking the ramp to go southbound at the willingboro exit. use 541 instead and welsh road a crash blocking a lane. and northbound side a typical backlog coming off the schuylkill to broad and perkiomen township, a downed tree at gravel pike at skippack pike. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon. not far away from the burlington county situation, there is a majorer crash along irack road.
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we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> slow doe going there. still ahead one of the most controversial tactics of the philadelphia police department. the new report on stop and frisk and how city leaders are responding. and what president obama said today in a televised add to cuba. and the wildcats hit the road to the sweet 16, we are there to give the team a proper sendoff. and world news is going to be an hour long, jeopardy will air right after night line. we'll be right back.
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stopping and frisking people without good reason. they called for reforms back in 2011, and today a followup by the civil liberties union says that 42% of all stops and 72% of all frisks were done without probable cause and that minorities are being targeted more often. commissioner ross says it's clear that the department has work to do, and is making changes like make prognosis commanders accountable for all stops and frisks. >> we'll continue our auditing procedures where captains look at these things daily as opposed to quarterly. >> they say if things do not improve they will seek sanctions in court. the next meeting is set for september and coming up tonight on "action news" at 5:00, we'll
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hear from mayor jim kenney who vowed to stop stop and frisk during his campaign. and in his final day in cube, president obama urged the people there to look to the future with hope. the president' speech was national televised to the island's 11 million people. and he once again called to an end of the decades old embargo and that the country has deep differences especially on human rights and the president talked about the common ground shared by the u.s. and cuba. >> before i discuss those issues, we need to recognize how much we share. and because in many ways, the united states and cuba are like two brothers who have been estranges for many years. the president also watched a baseball game today between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. from there the president heads to argentina.
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>> the villanova wildcats are heading to louisville to get ready for the sweet 16 and they got a proper send off as they continue their march to the final four. >> lets go nova! >> fans cheered greeting the villanova wild catses as they walked today the bus heading to their first sweet 16 since 2009. students and alumni and local families went through the crowd as coach wright and the players get ready for the sweet 16. they are coming off sunday's win against iowa. if they win two games in louisville they head to the final four. fans are hyped up they could win it all like they did in 1985. >> my parents were here in 1985 when they won the whole thing and i am a fan since diapers. >> with saints joe's and temple
4:18 pm
out of the naacp tournament coach jay wright knows his team is now representing the philadelphia area. >> i want to thank everybody for their support sticking with us through the years and all through this season and we take great pride in representing philadelphia basketball. we are going to play hard like the city of philadelphia and like villanova basketball always does. >> if villanova wins both games in louisville they head to the final four this year in houston. >> and "action news" will have complete coverage of villanova's trip to the sweet 16 and jeff skversky has live reports from louisville thursday here on 6 abc. >> it's huge. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets send things to meteorologist, adam joseph. >> reporter: it started off quiet except the snow on monday
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morning. a little bounce in the camera today but the winds today are more southerly so warmer air push in as we look northbound on sky 6 in atlantic city and it's a couple of months now we are talking about summer at the shore. as we look at the winds southwesterly, 18 in philadelphia and wilmington and 14 in dover. another day with that breeze out there. and again that wind is more tolerable today because it's a little bit warmer, 56 in reading and 57 in wilmington and on the verge of the upper 50s for dover 58 degrees and with that southerly wind, when you catch it just right along the shore it brings in cooler air like beach haven at 48 degrees, satellite and radar, warm front is lifting to the north and staying well to the north of pennsylvania, and a little bit north of pittsburgh but overall we have some clouds breaking their way away from the
4:20 pm
front overnight tonight and overall it is a pretty clear sky with that full moon and not as chilly tonight, 41 in allentown and 47 in philadelphia and 43 in millville and dover 46 degrees, and for you astronomers and star gazers, something you want to check out tonight in the southeastern sky, the moon as well as the planet jupiter, the full warm moon and jupiter will appear as a very bright star next to the moon, more on the upper left side corner of the moon, you won't miss it, something cool to see both the planet and full moon overnight tonight. future track tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 p.m., temperatures on the verge of 70 for i-95 and south and low to mid-60s north and west. and as we get into thursday afternoon we'll be on the verge of records around here, 73 in philadelphia and 71 in allentown and 70 in reading and cooler at
4:21 pm
the shore at wide wood just 56 degrees. the temperature 70 for wednesday, and near record warmth come thursday with a high temperature of 75 degrees, and then rain comes in thursday night early on friday and a quarter to half inch, be then it drys out and the sun returns and mostly sunny and cooler on saturday at 59 degrees, even that 59 is a little bit above normal for this time of year. we get spoiled the next 48 hours. >> a good looking weekend. >> up next we'll take a look at the closing numbers on wall street. to see how the markets reacted to the attacks in belgium. and atlantic city moves closer to the edge and the mayor makes plans to shut down city hall as the resort town officially runs out of money. what this means for police and firefighters and other city services. >> in lighter news in big
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right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. and now to the numbers, stocks dropped sharply this morning over word of the attacks in brussels. but they gained the lost ground and the dow losing 41 points and the nasdaq picking up about 13 points and the s&p falling less than 2 points on the day. starbucks plans to donate all of its left over food to help americans in need. they will try to contribute 100% of its unused food to feeding america. ceo howard shultz says baristas originally suggested the idea and they plan to give out 1.5
4:26 pm
million meals this year. and one of the world's biggest online retailers are steaming up with one of the world's biggest cable providers. is selling cable packages, it makes amazon a service provider without having to build any of the infrastructure. comcast orchestrated the deal to build on amazon's strong customer service. women were honored today at the town hall is of justice. the actor that portrayed harriet tubman and other african-american women. a special museum has been created in west windsor, new jersey, to showcase high schoolers artwork. today at mercer high school there was a ribbon cutting for the new exhibit, the staff at
4:27 pm
the school worked with autistic students to study famous artists, they replicated the art pieces that are on display in the school's hallways. >> we are following the latest developments out of the terror attacks in brussels and atlantic city government may be forced to shut down. we'll explain the potential impact in a live report. >> and a group of toll workers were honored today for their heroic efforts last week. what went through their minds when a suspected drunk driver plowed towards them. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues to follow developments coming out of brussel. >> as we speak now anti-terror raids are underway across belgium. prosecutors say that two of these men are responsible for suicide bombings at the airport. they are actively looking for the third man that ran from the day's carnage. >> at least 31 people were killed in the attacks that hit the airports and then the subway station. more than 190 people were injured including nine americans. isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks but there has not been any official word from belgium authorities, who is trying to figure out if this is connected to the terror attacks in paris. >> witnesses to the attacks immediately posted their experiences to social media and alicia is monitoring those posts
4:30 pm
all day long and it's incredible stuff. >> reporter: the images are terrifying and heart breaking, first to this video of the chaos and aftermath, just the destruction there at the airport in brussels, it was taken by a woman on her way to portugal on a college trip, sadly some of her college friends were killed during the blasts and she posted this video on twitter which quickly went wildly viral. and to this video, which was also posted on twitter, eyewitnesss taking this heart breaking video of the funeral car as rising at the airport to collect the bodies of those that never played it out alive. . you can feel the pain here second quarter the sounds telling the whole story, from the aftermath of a second attack inside of the metro station. here is video from an eyewitness
4:31 pm
there as the evacuation underway there, babies were crying and people were screaming running for cover. this afternoon this is what is feels like to be in brussels. that is the scene all around the city, tensions are high and officials are on high alert and poised and mounted on rooftops ready to respond. but you should know. the people of brussels have also spoken today and they are also taking to the streets letting their words speak volumes. colorful chalk art is filling the sidewalks. this resident writing, magnificent people in this vibrant resilient city, hashtag we are brussels trending today and that is inspiring people with hope and love. >> a strong message there from the people of brussels. mean tile our coverage continues at there you will find the latest updates as they come in. we poefsted photos and videos.
4:32 pm
>> atlantic city's government could be forced to shut down in the matter of weeks. mayor don guardian says it needs money from the state and it need its right now. nora muchanic is live in atlantic city outside of city hall today. and nora are people there taking it seriously. >> they are indeed brian, because without help the city is about to go broke. right now officials are planning for the shut down of services here at city hall and the furlough of hundreds of employees that is why some residents are rushing to take care of business promptly. >> that means the girls in the tax office would be out of a job. so i want to make sure that my parking spots would be available. >> sandra zuckerman is one of several people at city hall getting paperwork done now hearing because of budget
4:33 pm
crisis they are shutting down non-essential offices. >> we have to balance it out what is essential and what non-eventional. >> police officers and fire and trash collectors will be working without pay during the shut down. >> under the plan being formulating, schools remain open and city offices like planning and license and inspections could be closed for three weeks until may second when the city gets property tax payments in. >> nothing employees can really do but just keep hoping and see what they do. i hope that the state is able to help the city financially that would in turn help the residents. >> steve sweeney is pushing for a state takeover but the
4:34 pm
legislation is stuck in the assembly, local officials object to the take over because they say it goes too farer. >> the governor says he is not going to negotiate on that, if it's not approved by the assembly, he says that atlantic city may go bankrupt, he will not use taxpayer dollars to bail out the city unless the government take its over. delays on route 42 in gloucester township this afternoon. chopper 6 hd was over head as first responders worked to clean up the truck's load that spilled over the northbound lanes. the driver lost control and it flipped on to its side and the driver has only minor injuries. from our delaware newsroom there was a so-called safety blitz at intersections where
4:35 pm
trains meet regular traffic. they were telling people how to safely navigate train crossings to avoid tragedies like this one at west main street and new london road last year. police pulled the driver out just before that crash. >> the safety reminders are always a good thing. lets talk about the accuweather forecast another day of sunshine and next comes the warm weather. >> today we bumped around normal for this time of year maybe a little bit above and then well above the next two days, as we look live at sky 6 hd over the center city skyline, dew point is low and dry out there at 24, winds west-southwest at 18 and pressure is rising, high temperatures so far the eastern half of the country, not bad no matter where you are. near 60 in chicago and into the 60s for cincinnati in atlanta
4:36 pm
and the 60s and 70s are moving our way. but today as we take a look at the pollen and allergy report here. high for trees, on the pollen level, weeds and grass is low and that doesn't bump up for another month or so and mold on the high side. the allergies will catch you the next couple of days especially with the tree pollen, we'll chat about the record warmth here as we get into thursday and give you the easter forecast in the seven day in just a little bit. >> adam thanks. philadelphia police are looking for two people who robbed the kohls department store in endora. a man and woman hit in the corner of the store and then put on jackets. they then stuffed merchandise inside and left the store without paying for the items, if you recognize these two people you are asked to call
4:37 pm
investigators. and video of four young robbery suspects that struck a 7-eleven near german town last night. they followed the man out of the store on east cheltenham avenue. the victim was punched in the face and robbed of his iphone. the robbers are between ages 12 and 15 and a girl possibly as young as 10 years old. montgomery county is trying to connect people who need mental health care with the needs they are seeking. >> they are using five special kiosks we'll explain how these innovative machines work and the high-profile locations they are to now operating. >> and a drug drop-off gone wrong what they have found in a student's lunch and two men
4:38 pm
facing drug charges. we'll have more on "action news" at 5:00. see you then. >> thanks. the employees working last week when a car smashed into a toll booth in delaware were honor today. they were honored by secretary cohen, they jumped into action to help each other and other drivers, on wednesday night a car smashed into two others vehicles on i-95 and during the ceremony, the employees say they were thankful for their co-workers. >> it's dangerous, an every day thing for us. i see these guys every day, they are my family, i hate to see anything happen to them. i'm happy that everything worked out in the end and i'm glad i have this team behind me. >> the nine employees were given these challenge coins for their actions. police charged the suspected drunk driver for causing the chain reaction crash.
4:39 pm
coming up consumer reports puts samsung's newest smart phone to the test. and the lehigh valley iron pigs are upping the stakes, they are sporting new uniforms in honor of the cheesesteak. how can you make an important topping decision. next in big talkers. plus, a wrong number leads to a chance encountser between strangers in a hospital room. and adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast. the rest of your easter weekend when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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4:41 pm
former toronto mayor rob ford passed away. he was once the leader of canada's largest city but became known around the world for his shocking behavior. in 2014 video surfaced showing
4:42 pm
him using illegal drugs and being intoxicated in person. after denial and numerous apologies he checked himself into rehab. ford was 46 and leaves behind a wife and four children. the race for the white house moves west today primaries and caucuses are being held in arizona, utah and idaho. frontrunner, hillary clinton is looking to extend her lead over bernie sanders and donald trump's challengers hope they can win enough delegates to take the race all the way to a contested election in july and the caucuses in idaho are only for democrats. you can call this an election as well. the lehigh valley iron pigs are swapping bacon for beef. the minor league baseball team is upping the stakes but
4:43 pm
changing its name only for one day. they will be called the cheesesteaks, with or without as in onions and on the logo, that is up to you the fans. there is a whole lot of whiz and the team hits the field as the cheesesteaks one day only the salute to philadelphia night and there is merchandise that goes along with the campaign. whether you are team or wit out. >> you will love this one, a guy named derek williams gets mistakenly included on a group text of the birth of a baby, how long mom has die lated and to the little guys arrival and all
4:44 pm
the details. at one point derek writes back congrats but i think someone has the wrong number. the family apologized and he said don't worry about it, which hospital room, he shows up with his brother and gifts to congratulate the new parents in person and of course to meet the baby, these pictures are going viral. they mistakenly got wrapped up and now they are part of the family now. >> love that ending. >> great he shows up in the hospital room with gifts. lets get a check of the roads right now. pat pellman is standing by with updates. >> we have things showing up on 95, they are not gifts, they are broken down vehicles one in the right lane, take it out.
4:45 pm
and you'll hit another one northbound on the vine street expressway two separate dv's giving you 14 miles per hour from tasker to girard avenue, a slow stretch on 95 northbound and particularly slow heading southbound on the blue route, 476, check out the speeds, 17 miles per hour. 18 miles per hour. that pace all the way approaching villanova down to springfield. that is where there is a crash now on the shoulder, stick with 320 or 252 instead of the southbound blue route this afternoon. and by the aston pizza company look for a crash at aston road and concord road. and in norristown watch for a crash along lafayette street. and the downed tree in perkiomen, at 79 skippack pike
4:46 pm
and runnemede. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> see you then thank you. still ahead. is samsung's new smart phone really water resistant. consumer reports puts the claims to the test in what's the deal? and sky 6 hd looking live at the center city skyline. adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next. and this reminder "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the latest headlines and accuweather and to communicate with us. on twitter we are at 6 abc.
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is joining us now with a return to warmth. >> a blip tonight with rain and then the weekend looking equally nice as well for easter. as we look at double scan live radar lots of sunshine and a few high clouds and no precipitation whatsoever we are tracking and we take a live look now at the pagoda cam and looking into berks county and haze in the distance there westbound in the higher terrain in berks county and overall a beautiful day with more seasonable temperatures, and in fact in reading 56 degrees and 54 in allentown and 57 in philadelphia, and near 60 in cape may, where yesterday it was a whole lot cooler with wind coming in off the water and not so much today and beach haven cooler catching a bit a sea breeze with the ocean 47 and matching the temperature of 48 degrees, as we look at satellite and radar, high clouds to the north a warm front that
4:50 pm
continues to push to the north and most of the dynamics with it and moisture with the front is well to the north and west. that is where it will stay and the front will stall over central and southern new england here as we go through the next couple of days. we are on the southern end of the front. that is the warm side. we have the full warm moon overnight tonight not as chilly as well and check out the planet jupiter just to the left of the moon tonight as well. temperatures really not bad, 43 to 46 degrees with the southwesterly wind and then east coast ridge builds here as the jet stream cuts across the southern plains and heads into central canada and pulls the warm southwesterly winds in so we are looking at temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average and this area of orange we could see records falling for tomorrow we are far off the record of 80
4:51 pm
set in 2012, the forecast high 10 degrees cooler than that at 70 and 74 on thursday, near the old record of 76 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 70s for the next couple of days and lots of sunshine and a few high clouds and showers in the morning and a round of rain thursday night into friday and good friday the sun returns and still warm at 66, and we are back to normal here come sunday with wall-to-wall sunshine and 59 and we bounce back into the 60s for easter sunday and sunshine and a few high clouds for sunrise service and expect temperatures 41 degrees sunday morning so a little chitty but late morning, temperatures climb into the upper 40s to near 50 and then on monday, some rain arrives and maybe a thunderstorm of 63 degrees and that drops the temperature but the sun returns
4:52 pm
come tuesday with your high temperature of 58 degrees so overall a pretty good looking seven day, and most of that rain thursday night is out of here first thing on friday morning. a lot of people have friday off or a half day. good one to have. >> adam thank you. >> coming up what's the deal? is happening next. consumer reports puts the new samsung s 7 to the test.
4:53 pm
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. while apple is readying its new smaller i'm phone, samsung is debuting their new phone as well. but how does the galaxy s 7 stack up. consumer reports just finished their texting. >> am sung touts that they are
4:55 pm
waterproof. consumer reports reports testing the claims on the galaxy s 7 and the edge, to test water resistance, consumer reports dropped the phones in a pressure rised tanks for 30 minutes, both phones passed and on the s 7 you don't have to worry about the flaps on the ports like the s 5, low light camera test next. both phones create clearer images than the previous galaxy s 6 and iphone 6 s, but they are not as accurate. battery life, consumer reports tests another feature. >> both phones delivered more than 24 hours of talk time and
4:56 pm
the edge performed a little bet because it's a better phone. >> the battery life. the camera, the water resistance, all of these propel the s 7 to the top ratings and ahead of iphones. >> these can be a bit pricey, the s 7 costs $650 and the edge goes for $750 and consumer reports will test the apple iphones when they go on sale next week but this has us talking in the studio. what will we do next? >> thanks alicia. that does it for "action news" at 4:00. hope you'll join me for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00.
4:57 pm
>> hi there. thank you coming up next at 5:00 we are continuing to follow the latest developments out of brussels after today's deadly terror attacks. right now the manhunt is underway for the man that police believe played a role in the bombings and they are tracking the raids underway in belgium and the attacks that today's attacks had on philadelphia.
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. everyone was in a panic and we had to run. >> too many people panicked. too many people cried. >> right now the nationwide search for a terrorist is underway hours after belgium's capital came under attack. they have hopes of finding the people responsible for today's deadly bombing as signs of support and solidarity continue to pour in from around the world. tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the terror attacks in brussels. at least 32 people were killed
5:00 pm
and 190 were injured including nine americans. and tonight isis is claiming responsibility. three explosions rocked brussels also known as the capital of europe. the first two happened at brussels international airport at 8:00 local time and a third explosion rocked a metro stop near the headquarters of the european union. vernon odom has more on the heightened caution has spurred here in philadelphia but first to "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist live in our satellite center tracking the latest developments from overseas. >> reporter: the manhunt is intensifying for at least one suspect. after isis claims responsibility for the three explosions that killed at least 34 people. in brussels, the security forces raided a home and found an explosive device and chemical products along with an isis flag. two explosions rocked brussels airport shortly


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